List of Events

  1. Home is Not the Place

    By Annie George

    A poetic, poignant show by award-winning writer Annie George, contrasting the remarkable story of her grandfather with her own, as an immigrant in the UK.

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  2. Within Sight

    By Ellen Renton

    Our protagonist is ‘an inspiration’, ‘so brave’, and tired of hearing it. An one-woman performance confronting everyday ableism.

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  3. Maim

    Le/By Alasdair C. Whyte & Cast

    Maim ('panic' in Gàidhlig) is a call to action for those who care deeply about the connection between their land and language.

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  4. The Department of Distractions

    Third Angel brings you a conspiracy-theory documentary-exposé detective story for the 21st century that asks: what aren’t you looking at?

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  5. seeds

    By Mel Pennant

    Shortlisted for the Alfred Fagon Award, seeds tells the story of two mothers united in sorrow, sharing the hardship of protecting their sons.

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  6. The Infernal Serpent

    A Play, A Pie and A Pint By David Gerow

    Meet Adam and Eve: devoted snake rights activists who are getting nowhere. The Infernal Serpent puts a devilishly modern twist on an old story to consider why - and how - we protest.

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  7. The Storm

    A Play, A Pie and A Pint By Owen Whitelaw

    A darkly comic drama exploring the impact of fake news both in the past and in the present.

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  8. Mary and Ada Set the World to Rights

    A Play, A Pie and A Pint By Jane Livingstone

    Mary Somerville and Ada Lovelace are among the most respected thinkers of their day. When a brutal accusation causes Mary to doubt her entire life’s work, the two great minds must come together.

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  9. Milkshake

    A Play, A Pie and A Pint By Rob Drummond

    A right-wing politician and a left-wing activist meet in a court-mandated restorative justice session after the later throws a milkshake at the former.

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  10. Enough of Him

    By May Sumbwanyambe

    Based on a true story, Enough of Him explores the life of Joseph Knight, an African man brought to Scotland as a slave.

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