Now more than ever, we need your support.

We believe that sharing the joy of theatre can inspire audiences, supporting a new generation of inquisitive theatregoers and brilliant theatre-makers. We aim to be a place - and platform - where everyone can feel welcome and heard, whether you’re a regular audience member and participant, or joining us for the first time.

As a registered Scottish charity (SC002368), we depend on donations to keep our stages alive, to work with schools and community groups, to nurture and produce ambitious theatre, to keep ticket prices affordable – and to do more and better for you at our theatre in Edinburgh, sparking creativity throughout our city and across the globe.

Even with our government funding, we need to generate over two-thirds of our income each year to do what we do best and continue our charitable activities in our community.


Here's how you can support our work both on and off stage...

To find out more about supporting our work here at the Traverse, get in touch with Head of Business Development, Ellen Gledhill –