Write the next scene in our future, by leaving us a gift in your will and nurturing future generations of theatre talent.  The Traverse has been supporting new works  and producing award-winning theatre for over 60 years. 

Why leave us a gift ?

 The impact of your legacy gift is invaluable on future generations.  

  Your gift is a promise to: 

  • The discovery, development and telling of stories that need to be heard 
  • Giving a voice to new voices who might have been silenced before 
  • Using creativity as a tool to celebrate and bring communities together. 

Your gift is a promise to a better future where everyone is offered a chance to fall in love with theatre the way you have. 

Image: Still by Frances Poet, Lara Cappelli

To notify the Traverse of your intent to leave a gift, or to learn more about leaving a legacy, please get in touch

To talk about leaving a legacy to the Traverse, please get in touch with Head of Development, James Pierce - james.pierce@traverse.co.uk