Gift Aid

Gift Aid is one of the most effective ways of giving more to charity with no cost to you. For every £1 you donate, we can claim an extra 25p of tax from the government. Please see our Gift Aid page for more details.

Are you a higher rate taxpayer?

If you are a UK tax-payer and you have given us permission, we can claim Gift Aid on your donation. Traverse Theatre can only claim back the basic tax rate of 25% in Gift Aid. However, if you pay a higher rate of income tax (40% or above), you could be entitled to a tax rebate on your donation, worth the difference between the basic rate of tax and your higher rate. You can reclaim the difference in your tax return, or choose to donate it to the Traverse Theatre

You can contact your local tax office and reclaim the tax on your donations using a P810 form. If you have any queries about your tax position, contact HMRC on 0845 9000 444 or visit their website.

Giving shares

You can get income tax and capital gains tax relief on shares you donate to charity.  As a donor, you can get tax relief on the full market value of shares at the date of sale or transfer.
Shares can be:

  • transferred to the Traverse Theatre, or
  • sold on our behalf by the donor.

The Government's website can provide further information on donating shares.

Leaving a Legacy gift

Leaving a legacy gift can reduce your inheritance tax rate if more than 10 per cent of the ‘chargeable’ part of your estate (i.e. the excess above the currently basic £325,000 threshold), then the rate of inheritance tax applied to the rest of your estate will be reduced from 40% to 36%. Please visit our legacy giving page for more information.

We recommend our donors to seek independent financial advice before making a major donation. We would also advise the following websites as good sources of information:

To talk about tax effective giving to the Traverse, please get in touch with Head of Development, James Pierce -