Thank you for considering the Traverse in this very special way amongst those closest to your heart.

You can remember us in your will by:

  • leaving a legacy to us when you make a new Will
  • amending your existing Will using a Codicil form, advised by your solicitor.

If you expect that it may take you some time before you are able to do your Will or Codicil, you can complete a Letter of Wishes to declare your intention to leave a legacy to Traverse Theatre. This is not legally binding, but would at least let your family or executors know that you were wanting to leave money to us, which will give them the chance to honour your wishes in the event that you were to die before completing the Will.

Let us know about your gift

We would love the opportunity to thank you for your gift and keep you up to date with our news, however, we understand if you prefer to leave a gift anonymously. You can let us know by contacting our Head of Development, James Pierce.

Image: Still by Frances Poet, Lara Cappelli

To talk about leaving a legacy to the Traverse, please get in touch with Head of Development, James Pierce -