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The Traverse Script Shop is back in business! Here you can buy scripts, CDs and other merchandise related to our shows, both previous and current.

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  1. This is Paradise by Michael John O'Neill Playtext

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  2. Move by Julia Taudevin Playtext

    Inspired by ancient keening rituals, Move is about migration, loss and communal healing. Weaving storytelling, choral soundscape and Gaelic song, five women portray the ebb and flow of people from across the globe throughout the ages.

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  3. Still by Frances Poet Playtext

    Five Edinburgh souls stagger towards each other and are transformed. Full of tenderness and humour, Still is a cathartic story of life, loss and joy.

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  4. The Red Shed by Mark Thomas Playtext

    The Red Shed is a 47 foot long, wooden red, Socialist shed in Wakefield that celebrates 50 years on the planet in September 2016. It's this place that Mark Thomas first started to perform, and where he politically came of age.

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  5. The Last Bordello by David Leddy Playtext

    There's only one bordello left in the middle of a brutal warzone. It's being bulldozed tomorrow morning. Inside, the atmosphere's like an X-rated mad hatter's teaparty.

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  6. Until the Flood by Dael Orlandersmith Playtext

    A gripping and revelatory drama based on interviews from the aftermath of the shooting of Michael Brown, Dael Orlandersmith journeys into the heart and soul of modern-day America.

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  7. Maydays and Trying it On by David Edgar Playtext

    Two plays by David Edgar, written thirty-five years apart, both exploring the theme of youth and revolution.

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  8. Showtime From The Frontline by Mark Thomas Playtext

    A comedy club. In Palestine. In a refugee camp. What could go wrong?

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  9. My Eyes Went Dark by Matthew Wilkinson Playtext

    Stricken by the loss of his family in a plane crash, Nikolai Oslov resolves to see justice done. His lonely, unwavering quest takes him to the edge of reason, vengeance and the meaning of mutual forgiveness.

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  10. Meek by Penelope Skinner Playtext

    In a society where private lives become political and freedom of expression is not an option, Irene finds herself imprisoned. As tales of her incarceration spread overseas, she is forced to make a brutal decision.

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  11. Horizontal Collaboration by David Leddy Playtext

    Horizontal Collaboration is an intense live drama where sex, power and politics collide with emotion, seducation and destruction.

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  12. Breaking the Ice by Kieran Lynn Playtext

    The Arctis is in danger and the only thing that an save it is bureaucracy.

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