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The Traverse Script Shop is back in business! Here you can buy scripts, CDs and other merchandise related to our shows, both previous and current.

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  1. Bravado by Scottee Playtext

    Bravado is a memoir of working-class masculinity from 1991 to 1999 as seen by a sheep in wolves' clothing, exploring the graphic nature of maleness and the extent it will go to succeed.

    £10.00 More info
  2. #AFTERHOURS by Inua Ellams Playtext

    Ellams opens up a captivating and potent dialogue between poems, writing a diary and intricately-crafted poems of his own in conversational response to poems by a variety of contemporary poets.

    £10.00 More info
  3. The Patient Gloria by Gina Moxley Playtext

    Inspired by the 1965 films "Three Approaches to Psychotherapy (The Gloria Films)", The Patient Gloria is a provocative meditation on therapy and female desire.

    £7.00 More info
  4. Spliced by Timmy Creed Playtext

    Timmy plays hurling, the fastest field sport in the world. He loves it. He hates it. Honest, brave and hard-hitting, Spliced is a visceral account of his struggle to become an individual outside of the sporting institution that raised him.

    £5.00 More info
  5. Enough by Stef Smith Playtext

    Jane and Toni are immaculate, iconic, accomodating flight attendants. They're here for your safety, your comfort and your pleasure. Or so you think. But 30,000 feet below them their seemingly perfect lives are rapidly unravelling.

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  6. Burgerz by Travis Alabanza Playtext

    After someone threw a burger at them and shouted a transphobic slur, performance artist Travis Alabanza became obsessed with burgers. How they are made, how they feel, and smell. How they travel through the air. How the mayonnaise feels on your skin.

    £6.00 More info
  7. Crocodile Fever by Meghan Tyler Playtext

    Fuelled by Taytos, gin, 80's tunes and a chainsaw, it's the Devlin sisters versus the world . It can't end happily, but it can end gloriously.

    £5.00 More info
  8. I Can Go Anywhere by Douglas Maxwell Playtext

    Jimmy is a diehard mod seeking asylum in the UK. With just a few days before the substantive interview that’s going to decide his fate, the stakes are high. So he came up with a brilliant plan.

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  9. The Monstrous Heart by Oliver Emanuel Playtext

    Mag lives in a rustic cabin in the Canadian wilds, far from neighbours and further from her past. But when her estranged daughter Beth turns up on the doorstep having been freshly released from prison, the past becomes terrifyingly present.

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  10. good dog by Arinzé Kene Playtext

    Set during the early noughties, good dog is a theatrical monologue that chronicles growing up in a multicultural community, and the everyday injustices that drive people to take back control.

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  11. Melody by Douglas Maxwell Playtext

    Melody’s got secrets. Dirty, dark, sick-to-the-bottom-of-your-stomach secrets that she’s hidden away from for years. The tattoos up her arms tell part of the story, but the truth is a lot more complicated

    £3.00 More info
  12. Nova Scotia by John Byrne Playtext

    Thirty years since we last met him in The Garden of Remembrance, Phil McCann faces the New Millenium with good humour. John Byrne’s Nova Scotia is the triumphant next instalment of The Slab Boys, one of the best loved stories in Scottish theatre

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