List of Events

  1. Lion Lion

    A Play, A Pie and A Pint By Sue Glover

    George and Joy Adamson, like many others, loved the animal kingdom as much, probably more, than their fellow humans.

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  2. What Girls Are Made Of

    Made at Traverse By Cora Bissett

    Cora celebrates life’s euphoric highs and epic shitstorms, asking what wisdom we should pass on to the next generation.

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  3. The Mack

    A Play, A Pie and A Pint By Rob Drummond

    For the second time in four years, a fire has torn through Glasgow’s most venerable building. Should we save the Mack or just let it go?

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  4. PASS Out 2019

    Devised by the company

    Edinburgh College’s Performing Arts Studio Scotland returns to the Traverse with their end of year showcase. These performances represent the culmination of the actors’ training at PASS.

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  5. Donny's Brain

    Made at Traverse By Rona Munro

    Funny and moving in equal measure, Donny’s Brain raises fascinating questions about the essence of love, human nature and our sense of self.

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  6. The Origins of Ivor Punch

    A Play, A Pie and A Pint By Colin MacIntyre

    Based on the Edinburgh International First Book Award-winning novel The Letters of Ivor Punch by musician and author Colin MacIntyre.

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  7. Keep On Walking Federico

    By Mark Lockyer

    One day, Mark gets a letter. This letter takes him to a sleepy Spanish town.

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  8. Shine

    By Kema Sikazwe

    A story of new surroundings, about making a new life and then watching that life fall apart.

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  9. Harbour

    Devised by Lyceum Original Sixty

    The Lyceum Original Sixty explore the idea of community, love and communication in search of their own local hero.

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  10. Twa

    By Annie George & Flore Gardner

    A powerful blend of theatrical storytelling, animation and live performance drawing.

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  11. Alice in Wonderland

    By Lewis Carroll, adapted for the stage by Jocelyn Clarke

    A fast-paced visual and imaginative rendition of a timeless classic for the whole family.

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  12. 549: Scots of the Spanish Civil War

    By Jack Nurse & Robbie Gordon

    The true story of four miners who, 80 years ago, travelled from the streets of Prestonpans to the valleys of Spain.

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