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    1. Lie Low

      by Ciara Elizabeth Smyth

      Wed 12 - Sat 15 Jun, 8PM

      A darkly funny new play exploring the human brain via the genitals.

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    2. A polaroid photo with a heart and 'x' drawn on the white space at the bottom. The polaroid is of a woman laying in a field of yellow daffodils. She is blowing a kiss at the camera and has a checkered pink, orange, purple, red and black shawl wrapped around her shoulders.

      So Young

      TravFest24 by Douglas Maxwell

      From the writer of I Can Go Anywhere and The Whip Hand, Douglas Maxwell’s So Young sees an innocuous evening slide into ruin as old friends face the challenges of middle age, growing apart and losing those close to them

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    3. The Sound Inside

      TravFest24 by Adam Rapp

      The UK premiere of Adam Rapp’s spellbinding play, having been nominated for six Tony Awards.

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    4. Same Team

      TravFest24 by Robbie Gordon & Jack Nurse, story created with Street Soccer’s Women Players

      This joyful story of community, teamwork and overcoming hardship is back for extra time having delighted audiences in December 2023.

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    5. In Two Minds

      TravFest24 by Joanne Ryan

      From the stellar writer Joanne Ryan and director Sarah Jane Scaife comes a tale of the adult child and parent sharing the same home.

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    6. My English Persian Kitchen

      TravFest24 by Hannah Khalil, based on the story by Atoosa Sepehr

      What would you take if you were forced to leave home with no hope of returning?

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    7. Cyrano

      TravFest24 by Virginia Gay

      A joyous, gender-flipped retelling of Cyrano de Bergerac, packed with music, wit and aching romance.

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    8. A History of Paper

      TravFest24 by Oliver Emanuel & Gareth Williams

      A musical love story about a man and a woman and the little bits of paper that make up a life.

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    9. A Knock on the Roof

      TravFest24 by Khawla Ibraheem, directed and developed by Oliver Butler

      Mariam is preparing for war, weaving together the story of her life and family in Gaza,

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