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    1. Storm Lantern

      by Duncan Kidd

      Tue 4 - Thu 6 Jun, 8pm

      Caught by the Nazis distributing forbidden leaflets, Sophie Scholl is facing execution. Only one route remains: confession and betrayal of everything she stood for…

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    2. Maggie & Me

      Written by Damian Barr and James Ley, adapted from the memoir by Damian Barr. Directed by Suba Das.

      Wed 12 - Sat 15 Jun

      “Don’t you worry. I’ll always love you. Love doesn’t run out. It’s not like the gas meter. I’ll find extra love.” 

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    3. Same Team

      TravFest24 by Robbie Gordon & Jack Nurse, story created with Street Soccer’s Women Players

      This joyful story of community, teamwork and overcoming hardship is back for extra time having delighted audiences in December 2023.

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    4. BATSHIT

      TravFest24 by Leah Shelton, directed by Ursula Martinez

      A wildly theatrical, unexpectedly funny, and deeply intimate story of female madness.

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    5. A Knock on the Roof

      TravFest24 by Khawla Ibraheem, directed and developed by Oliver Butler

      Mariam is preparing for war, weaving together the story of her life and family in Gaza,

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