List of Events

  1. In Someone Else's Shoes: Edinburgh's Unexpected Summer


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    In Someone Else’s Shoes: Edinburgh’s Unexpected Summer transports you into the heart of another person’s life through immersive 360 degree video.

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  2. Rich Kids: A History of Shopping Malls in Tehran

    Ticketed Co-Created by Javaad Alipoor and Kirsty Housley

    Livestreamed Thu 29 & Fri 30 Oct

    This darkly comedic, dizzying show about entitlement, consumption and digital technology invites you to use Instagram to explore what is happening in the world.

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  3. The Believers Are But Brothers

    Ticketed By Javaad Alipoor

    Livestreamed Fri 6 Nov, 7.30pm

    Javaad Alipoor spent time exploring how ISIS and the alt-right radicalise online and tells the story through documentary, interactivity and fiction.

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  4. The Journey

    Ticketed Created and Performed by Scott Silven. Written by Rob Drummond, Based on an Original Story by Scott Silven.

    Livestreamed Tue 24 – Sun 29 Nov

    Renowned theatremaker and illusionist Scott Silven invites you to experience The Journey, an interactive, immersive, live production, unlike anything audiences have experienced before.

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  5. Tools for Change: A Coin in Somebody Else's Pocket

    Available now By Suhaiymah Manzoor-Khan

    Available Mon 5 Oct - Sat 28 Nov

    Award-winning poet and playwright Suhaiymah Manzoor-Khan explores the experience of being asked to write her very first play in this form bending monologue.

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    Available now By Daphna Attias, Terry O'Donovan & Chris Goode

    Thu 10 Sep - Thu 31 Dec

    USER NOT FOUND is an immersive video podcast about what happens to our online identities after we die.

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