October 2016
  • A Play, A Pie and A Pint (Autumn/Winter 2016)

    A Play, A Pie and A Pint (Autumn/Winter 2016)

    4 Oct 2016 - 5 Nov 2016

    A popular feature of the Traverse programme, A Play, A Pie and A Pint returns with five new plays to light up your lunchtime. Ticket includes a pie and a drink.

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  • Traverse Masterclasses

    Traverse Masterclasses

    18 Oct 2016 - 3 Nov 2016

    Traverse Masterclasses offer everyone the opportunity to engage with critically acclaimed Traverse directors and playwrights. Workshops will introduce and develop skills, offering participants the opportunity to work with experienced theatre practitioners to explore, uncover possibilities and think outside the box.

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  • PPP: Walking On Walls

    PPP: Walking On Walls

    18 Oct 2016 - 22 Oct 2016

    When Claire was little she’d pretend she was Superman. Now she’s an adult who hates the litter, graffiti and drugs in her town and is on a mission to clean up.

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  • Him


    20 Oct 2016 - 22 Oct 2016

    Actor Tim Barlow reflects on life at 80, in this new work created from conversations with theatre-maker Sheila Hill over a 20-year friendship.

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  • Soundhouse: Furnace Mountain

    Soundhouse: Furnace Mountain

    24 Oct 2016

    Furnace Mountain are a classy Virginian 4-piece band that draw big crowds to some of the best ‘live’ music venues on the circuit, all stimulated by hugely-complimentary reviews.

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  • PPP: One Thinks Of It All As A Dream

    PPP: One Thinks Of It All As A Dream

    25 Oct 2016 - 29 Oct 2016

    London, 1967. Pink Floyd have just released their debut album. But the behaviour of frontman Syd Barrett has become increasingly erratic. Is he having a drug-induced breakdown? Or is it all an elaborate joke?

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  • As The Crow Flies

    As The Crow Flies

    26 Oct 2016

    There’s a man alone on stage ready to perform. There are also some children on a Scottish island, and some teenagers from Belgium who want to be a part of the show. And they have their own ideas about what should happen.

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  • Luminate Intergenerational Cabaret

    Luminate Intergenerational Cabaret

    27 Oct 2016

    Luminate, Scotland’s creative ageing festival, teams up with Edinburgh’s finest purveyors of weirdo cabaret and decadent performance parties, Dive, to present a timeless cabaret for all ages and persuasions.

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  • Soundhouse: Cera Impala

    Soundhouse: Cera Impala

    30 Oct 2016

    Cera Impala combines a slice of hillbilly noir and a measure of gritty 20's and 30's jazz with one foot in the past, and the other in the future of folk, jazz and Americana.

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  • Soundhouse: Nordic Fiddlers Bloc

    Soundhouse: Nordic Fiddlers Bloc

    31 Oct 2016

    The Nordic Fiddlers Bloc comprise three master fiddle players from three different and very distinctive Nordic countries and regions, weaving musical cultures and traditions in a hugely atmospheric and dynamic fashion.

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  • Can I Start Again Please

    Can I Start Again Please

    29 Sep 2016 - 1 Oct 2016

    A meditative and moving performance about our cognitive capacity to process traumatic experience and the ability of language to represent it. Parallel narratives are told in spoken English and British Sign Language creating a mesmerising mix of verbal, visual and physical performance.

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  • Access As Art Workshop

    Access As Art Workshop

    1 Oct 2016

    The workshop will explore approaches to translation, developing a performance persona and characterisation. We will contemplate the purpose of theatre and the Deaf gaze.

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  • Soundhouse: Lulo Reinhardt & Andre Krengel

    Soundhouse: Lulo Reinhardt & Andre Krengel

    2 Oct 2016

    We're delighted to present a double bill of two Europe's most engaging and accomplished guitarists: Lulo Reinhardt and Andre Krengel.

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  • Soundhouse: Connla

    Soundhouse: Connla

    3 Oct 2016

    Fiery is a term that’s frequently used to describe great Irish trad and when applied to the music – and performance - of up-and-coming young band, Connla, it does the job again.

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  • Dancing with Colours, Whipping with Words: Dario Fo & Political Theatre

    Dancing with Colours, Whipping with Words: Dario Fo & Political Theatre

    4 Oct 2016 - 14 Oct 2016

    Dancing with Colours, Whipping with Words celebrates Dario Fo and his late wife feminist writer and actor Franca Rame. Fo and Rame forged a new style of riotous farce anTheir work influenced Scotland’s and the UK’s own proud tradition of popular political theatre.

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  • PPP: Breaking the Ice

    PPP: Breaking the Ice

    4 Oct 2016 - 8 Oct 2016

    The Arctic is in danger and the only thing that can save it is bureaucracy – but the man with the speech to do it has spilt yogurt on his suit, left his speech at the breakfast buffet and been kidnapped by militant activists.

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  • Encounters with Fo

    Encounters with Fo

    7 Oct 2016

    Joe Farrell, biographer and translator of Dario Fo chairs a panel comprising Andy Arnold, Morag Fullerton, Douglas Maxwell and Frances Rifkin, discussing their own encounters with the theatre of Dario Fo, and reflect on the impact of Fo's work on Scottish theatre.

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  • I, Mother

    I, Mother

    7 Oct 2016

    I, Mother is a new play by Traverse Associate Artist Morna Pearson, currently in development. This free work-in-progress performed reading is part of a research and development process, and the audience will be invited to give feedback.

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  • Soundhouse: The Stray Birds

    Soundhouse: The Stray Birds

    10 Oct 2016

    The Stray Birds are a firm favourite on the US roots music circuit, mixing folk and bluegrass, to win a huge fanbase following triumphant appearances at festivals worldwide.

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  • PPP: Mischief

    PPP: Mischief

    11 Oct 2016 - 15 Oct 2016

    Ronnat and Brigid live alone on a tiny island where they trade with the monastery across the water. The delicate equilibrium of their lives is threatened when a man washes up on the beach seeking work and shelter.

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  • Blow Off

    Blow Off

    12 Oct 2016 - 13 Oct 2016

    Explosive new guerrilla-gig-theatre from the co-creator of festival hits Beats and Chalk Farm with live music by Kim Moore with Susan Bear and Julie Eisenstein from Glasgow's hottest indie-pop duo Tuff Love.

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  • Dario Fo and Political Theatre in Scotland

    Dario Fo and Political Theatre in Scotland

    13 Oct 2016

    Olga Taxidou, Professor of Drama at the University of Edinburgh, chairs a panel comprising Peter Arnott, David Greig, Prof Federica Pedrialli, Dr Linda Mackenney, discussing the relationships between the theatre of Dario Fo and the traditions of radical political theatre in Scotland.

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  • 100 Acts of Minor Dissent

    100 Acts of Minor Dissent

    14 Oct 2016

    Mark Thomas is well versed in the art of creative mayhem and over the years his trouble-making has changed laws, cost companies millions and annoyed those who most deserved to be. Now he returns to Edinburgh to do what he does best, mischief: joyously bad behaviour with a purpose.

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  • A Gambler's Guide To Dying

    A Gambler's Guide To Dying

    15 Oct 2016

    Gary McNair returns to the Traverse with his award-winning show, A Gambler's Guide to Dying; the story of one boy’s granddad who won a fortune betting on the 1966 football World Cup and, when diagnosed with cancer, gambled it all on living to see the year 2000.

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  • An Evening with Alan Carr

    An Evening with Alan Carr

    15 Oct 2016

    Join us for an evening with Alan Carr, one of the nation's favourite comedians, to discuss his new book Alanatomy: The Inside Story.

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  • Soundhouse: Fraser Fifield & Graeme Stephen

    Soundhouse: Fraser Fifield & Graeme Stephen

    17 Oct 2016

    A perfectly blended mix of influences and styles by two of Scotland's most respected musicians, Fraser and Graeme present a worldwide range of influences through original compositions and improvisation.

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  • Lifelines


    19 Oct 2016

    An evening of short plays and monologues performed script-in-hand in an informal setting. Thrawn Craws... stubbornly celebrating life.

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