List of Events

  1. The Sweetest Growl

    A Play, A Pie and A Pint By Claire Nicol

    In the 1950’s, Mary McGowan was the sensational singer with cult Scottish jazz band The Clyde Valley Stompers but at the height of her fame, she gave it all up to be a housewife. Did she have any regrets?

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  2. The Panopticon

    By Jenni Fagan

    Brought for the first time to the stage, The Panopticon is a visceral, bloody and brutal testament to life and friendship.

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  3. Build A Rocket

    By Christopher York

    Edinburgh and Adelaide Fringe award-winning Build a Rocket is a powerful and uplifting play about triumph over adversity.

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  4. The Monstrous Heart

    Made at Traverse By Oliver Emanuel

    The Monstrous Heart is thrilling, chilling and witty, examining afresh the eternal question of whether we ever really change how we’re made.

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  5. Anatomy: Finest Cuts

    Full-throttle live art cabaret: an unpredictable cauldron of mischievous performance, featuring everything from tactical action to bleak bouffon and ballet to biscuits.

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  6. thick skin, elastic heart

    By Drew Taylor-Wilson

    A collection of contemporary spoken-word monologues and group poems, giving voice to a generation, frequently reduced to a sound-bite in mass media.

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  7. Workshop: Autobiographical Spoken Word

    Led by award winning artists Cat Hepburn and Lucy Wild, this workshop will explore spoken word theatre as an alternative, viable medium of performance compared to more traditional forms. Free to ticket holders.

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  8. The Slocan Ramblers


    Blending impressive bluegrass virtuosity with a fresh contemporary appeal, The Slocan Ramblers mix fine originals with rowdy old-time numbers.

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  9. Fibres

    By Frances Poet

    Written by award-winning playwright Frances Poet (Gut), Fibres tells the story of the terrible legacy of asbestosis in the Clyde shipyards.

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  10. Hope and Joy

    By Ellie Stewart

    A deeply original play that explores love and loss in a changing environment, using bold visuals and strong physical elements to imagine a Scotland in a time much like ours, but not quite.

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  11. vYe Vagabonds


    Ye Vagabonds comprises of harmony-rich folk music, influenced by Irish traditional music, Appalachian singing, and the 1960s folk revival.

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  12. Still No Idea

    By Lisa Hammond, Lee Simpson & Rachael Spence

    Part-verbatim theatre, part-confession, part-comedy sketch show with a bit of singing and dancing thrown in.

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