May 2016
  • PASS Out

    PASS Out

    24 May 2016 - 25 May 2016

    This showcase features new devised work made over just two weeks prior to these performances at the Traverse. The students have worked with leading professional exponents to produce the work you will see on stage.

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  • Imaginate Festival 2016

    Imaginate Festival 2016

    28 May 2016 - 5 Jun 2016

    The Imaginate Festival celebrates the innovative and wonderful world of children’s theatre and dance, showcasing 14 shows from 9 countries across the capital from 28 May to 5 June.

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  • Constellations


    30 May 2016 - 31 May 2016

    Animation, puppetry and a thrilling musical soundtrack combine to create a multi-coloured world of swirling fabric, bouncing balls and stilt walkers with enormous wings.

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  • Tales of a Grandson

    Tales of a Grandson

    30 May 2016 - 5 Jun 2016

    Tales of a Grandson is one man’s re-telling of Scotland's history - but this is no straight and dusty history lesson; this story is told by Andy Cannon, formerly of Wee Stories and one of Scotland’s finest storytellers, accompanied by composer and musician Wendy Weatherby.

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  • Right Now

    Right Now

    19 Apr 2016 - 7 May 2016

    As Alice and Ben settle into their beautiful new flat they realise that the family across the hall hope to be more than just good neighbours...

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  • Gods Are Fallen And All Safety Gone

    Gods Are Fallen And All Safety Gone

    4 May 2016 - 6 May 2016

    An investigation into what happens when we discover that our parents are flawed human beings, and that at some point, sooner than we think, they are suddenly going to disappear from our lives.

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  • Two Minute Manifesto: Election Special

    Two Minute Manifesto: Election Special

    5 May 2016

    A special event marking the culmination of Two Minute Manifesto: a show that has spent the year asking some of Scotland's leading writers, artists and thinkers to pitch ideas that could make Scotland a better place.

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  • Soundhouse at the Traverse - The Don Paterson Situation

    Soundhouse at the Traverse - The Don Paterson Situation

    9 May 2016

    Though better known as one of the UK’s leading and most decorated poets, Don Paterson has had a second career as guitarist, with a new project featuring his fingerstyle technique to electric guitar.

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  • Donald Robertson Is Not A Stand-Up Comedian

    Donald Robertson Is Not A Stand-Up Comedian

    12 May 2016 - 14 May 2016

    What would you do if everyone in the world hated you? Would you run? Would you fight? Or would you try to make them laugh?

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  • Soundhouse at the Traverse - Trio Red

    Soundhouse at the Traverse - Trio Red

    16 May 2016

    Trio Red's live performances feature a lively musical approach with original compositions, mixed up with very accessible melodic and rhythmic improvised pieces where the focus is on interaction, empathy and compelling collective musical storytelling.

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  • Blackout


    18 May 2016 - 19 May 2016

    A brutal and often hilarious insight into alcoholism and recovery from New Room Theatre, scripted entirely from interviews with recovering alcoholics, including the writer.

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  • Breathe


    20 May 2016 - 21 May 2016

    In this tender new work by Scottish based artists White & Givan, a series of encounters exploring the remnants of lives and the dust of a shared history are explored.

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  • Words, Words, Words

    Words, Words, Words

    20 May 2016

    Words Words Words is a no-holds-barred, work in progress, scratch extravaganza. We’re offering selected writers slots of up to ten minutes each. Scripts will be brought to life by a company of actors after a day’s rehearsals.

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  • Soundhouse at the Traverse - Fat Suit

    Soundhouse at the Traverse - Fat Suit

    23 May 2016

    Hip and happening collective, Fat-Suit deliver an enthralling rollercoaster ride with their powerful jazz/funk/pop music.

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