September 2014
  • Writing on the Wall

    Writing on the Wall

    1 Jul 2014 - 30 Sep 2014

    Writers from our Class Act, Scribble and Young Writers' Groups have come together to create new pieces exploring the theme of 'What Happens Next?' - their response to the current Referendum question. Eight pieces have now been inscribed on walls and surfaces throughout the building for you to find.

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  • In Time o’ Strife

    In Time o’ Strife

    9 Sep 2014 - 13 Sep 2014

    On the 30th anniversary of the 1984 miners’ strike, the National Theatre of Scotland adapts Joe Corrie's 1926 classic play about a Fife mining community buckling under the strain of a seven month lockout. Featuring live, gutsy folk-punk songs and full-blooded choreography, this is an uncompromising production.

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  • New Works

    New Works

    11 Sep 2014 - 13 Sep 2014

    Three of Scotland’s top playwrights, Clare Duffy, Jo Clifford, and Isabel Wright, have been commissioned to create new plays, working with the actors and directors of the Conservatoire’s world-renowned Masters in Classical and Contemporary Text programme.

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  • Spoiling


    16 Sep 2014 - 20 Sep 2014

    In front of the world's media, Scotland’s Foreign Minister will shortly deliver a keynote speech outlining the newly independent nation’s relationship with the former UK. But there’s a problem. She’s refusing to speak the words she’s been given.

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  • How To Choose?

    How To Choose?

    16 Sep 2014

    The referendum is just around the corner. You probably know which way you’re going to go. That’s fine, we don’t want to persuade you any differently. But HOW did you choose? And what influenced you? Gary McNair and Davey Anderson explore how we arrive at those big life decisions.

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  • The Yes/No Plays

    The Yes/No Plays

    18 Sep 2014

    The Yes/No Plays help mark Referendum Day at the Traverse Theatre. Join us for a Twitter sitcom, starring our young activists - Yes and No - who live together but bat for different sides in the independence debate.

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  • Choir


    26 Sep 2014 - 27 Sep 2014

    Choir is a modern, musical look at what makes a community in 21st-century Britain. A deliciously dark peek past the fixed white smiles of a community choir, where old meet young, good meet bad, and there’s a man with a musical behind his eyes.

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