5 world premieres, 1 European premiere, 2 UK premieres, 3 Scottish premieres and 2 returning Traverse Theatre Company smash hits - welcome to #TravFest19!

List of Events

  1. What Girls Are Made Of

    Festival 2019 By Cora Bissett

    Cora celebrates life’s euphoric highs and epic shitstorms, asking what wisdom we should pass on to the next generation.

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  2. Spliced

    Festival 2019 By Timmy Creed

    From one of Ireland's exciting up-and-coming writers comes a fun, fierce, site-specific show with thrilling music and video.

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  3. Burgerz

    Festival 2019 By Travis Alabanza

    After someone threw a burger at them and shouted a transphobic slur, performance artist Travis Alabanza became obsessed with burgers.

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  4. How Not To Drown

    Festival 2019 By Nicola McCartney & Dritan Kastrati

    In 2002, in the turmoil after the end of the Kosovan War, Dritan is sent on the notoriously perilous journey across the Adriatic with a gang of people smugglers to a new life in Europe.

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  5. Until the Flood

    Festival 2019 By Dael Orlandersmith

    Pulitzer Prize finalist and celebrated performer Dael Orlandersmith (Yellowman) performs the UK premiere of her poetic and revelatory play.

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  6. Trying It On

    Festival 2019 By David Edgar

    50 years on, in his professional performing debut, David is confronted by his 20-year-old self. Do they still share the same beliefs?

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