Episode 3: Anyone Can Write a Play

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How on earth do you find your plot? In the third workshop in her series, Meghan Tyler explains how.

Anyone Can Write A Play is a free 4-episode course led by Meghan Tyler (Crocodile Fever, The Persians) that will support you - and fellow aspiring writers - to write your very own play using just two words. Intrigued? You should be.

With timed exercises, some out-of-the-box logic and a glamorous assistant/guinea pig on hand to demonstrate, you’ll quickly realise that yes… ANYONE CAN WRITE A PLAY.

All sessions will be available on-demand on our Youtube channel until 28 February 2023.

This event is part of our First Stages Festival - a celebration of storytelling and playwriting.

The Traverse Theatre is funded by Creative Scotland and The City of Edinburgh Council, with additional support from The Scottish Government Performing Arts Venues Relief Fund.

Anyone Can Write a Play is part of the Creative Community - Irish Theatre in Scotland series, a Traverse Theatre partnership with the Consulate General of Ireland, Edinburgh.

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