Traverse Young Writers Scratch Performances

Traverse Theatre Company

Available until 16 May 2021

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When the lockdown was announced our Traverse Young Writers Group were about to begin their weekly tuition from acclaimed playwrights, culminating in a presentation of their work on stage at the Traverse.

An important aspect of our Young Writers programme is presenting excerpts of the writers’ work in a Scratch Night performance at the Traverse, during which each writer has the opportunity to gather feedback from members of the audience, industry and their peers.

The Traverse committed to sharing the excellent work the Young Writers Group have created so are delighted to present these, specially created, pieces from nine Young Writers online, directed remotely and with performers filming in their own homes under lockdown conditions.

We would like to thank The Dr David Summers Charitable Trust, The Nimar Charitable Trust, The Russell Trust, The Teale Charitable Trust and The William Syson Charitable Foundation for their generous support of Traverse Young Writers.

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About the plays

KITH by Bluey Little

Director Debbie Hannan
Performer Laura Lovemore

A woman fills her lungs with air for what feels like the first time.

WHERE DID HE GO? by Rhianna Varney

Director Gareth Nicholls
Performer Nicole Cooper

A woman talks to her child about what comes after life.

BATHTUB by Shelley Middler

Director Gareth Nicholls
Performers Zoë Bullock and Claire Macallister

You're in the bathroom. The lock breaks. We've all been there - but maybe not with company...

SARAH by Katie McCulloch

Director Debbie Hannan
Performer Isobel McArthur

Sarah wants to get out. Go to book club. And get out. (Content warning: this play deals with themes of domestic violence)


Director Debbie Hannan
Performer Apphia Campbell

Being back in your childhood bedroom can stir up a lot of memories

LOOKING UP TO HIM by Gabriel Floyd

Director Gareth Nicholls
Reuben Joseph

A young man cleans an empty, messy house while he records a heartfelt message for his Dad in intensive care.

DEFLATED by Kari Hall

Director Debbie Hannan
Caleb Hughes and Hannah Visocchi

Thinking of declaring your love over voicemail? Deflated follows a young woman trying to do just that. (Content warning: this play deals with themes of domestic violence)

PIG'S EYE by Tom Zachar

Director Debbie Hannan
Performer Kay McAllister

MaryAnn is trying to sort out her internet issues but her problems are much bigger than she could've imagined.

by Leonie Jones

Director Gareth Nicholls
Performer Fletcher Mathers

Dotty rides the 135 bus every day in the hopes of catching the eye of a certain gentleman. Will she finally pluck up the courage to make a move?