Soundhouse: Graeme Stephen’s Sunrise

Mon 20 Jun, 8PM

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“Graeme Stephen again underlined the qualities that make him a player on the international jazz stage with his latest project presenting a veritable harvest of beautifully written vignettes for his superb group. Where the Aberdeen-born guitarist triumphed in particular, though, was that he didn’t just graft on music to someone else’s work: he actually made the movie – in this case one considered by many to be the finest of its kind ever made by a Hollywood studio – seem almost like a component of the band, a visual singer, if you willThe Herald

Graeme Stephen's score for F W Murnau's classic film won him the innovation award at the Scottish Jazz Awards in 2012, and this showing marks a decade since it was first performed.

Sunrise: A Song of Two Humans, to give it its full title, won the 'Unique and Artistic Picture Award' at the 1st Academy Awards in 1929.

Written for guitar, cello, tenor saxophone and drums, the piece will be performed at The Traverse by Graeme, Phil Bancroft (sax), Pete Harvey (cello) and Tom Bancroft (drums).

The Traverse Theatre is funded by Creative Scotland and The City of Edinburgh Council, with additional support from The Scottish Government Performing Arts Venues Relief Fund.

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