I Can Go Anywhere

World Premiere | Traverse Theatre Company By Douglas Maxwell
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Anyone can learn maps and battles. Geezer, I feel it! I live it! I’m giving everything to this beautiful, wild, absolutely pure British thing. Like, do you know what it took to get here, man?

Stevie is a disillusioned academic who once wrote an unfashionable book on youth movements in Britain, now struggling to cope after a painful break-up.

His misery is interrupted by Jimmy who lands unexpectedly on his doorstep beaming with excitement. Jimmy is 100% Mod: oversized military parka, fitted Italian suit, dessy boots, pork pie hat. The full package.

Jimmy is seeking asylum in the UK. With just a few days before the substantive interview that’s going to decide his fate, the stakes are high. So he came up with a brilliant plan. A plan that’s going to work against all odds. It has to work. He can’t go back. And Stevie has an important part to play.

Written by Douglas Maxwell (Charlie Sonata, The Whip Hand), I Can Go Anywhere is a big-hearted call to arms; a Mod anthem to solidarity and acceptance in an increasingly hostile world. Directed by Scottish director and playwright Eve Nicol (The Drift).

Part of Edinburgh's Christmas 2019.

Supported by Creative Scotland and the City of Edinburgh Council.

Image: Lara Cappelli


  • WriterDouglas Maxwell (he/him)
  • DirectorEve Nicol
  • DesignerJen McGinley
  • Lighting DesignerBenny Goodman
  • Composer/Sound DesignerMichael John McCarthy

Behind the Scenes

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