Heroine (audio drama)

Boopsnoot By Mary Jane Wells

On demand Tue 15 June - Sun 6 July

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Heroine is based on the true story of lesbian soldier Danna Davis and her ten years in the US Army.

A survivor of Military Sexual trauma, hers is a human story exploring healing, forgiveness and what speaking your truth really means - with grit, lyricism and necessary black humour.

On a dangerous mission inside a combat zone, Sgt Davis must work with the perpetrator of her sexual attack to get her squad home safely. Can peace ever be possible?

This is a solo adaption of the award winning stage show with a fully realised sound design by Heather Andrews, and extra vocalisations from Mike Vaughn, Nayo Wallace, Heather Andrews, Eduardo Ruales, Xzavier Beacham, Alan Steele, Gary Lynass and Ollie Johnston.

Grateful thanks to our panel of Military advisors, including Amber Schleuning and Sergio Miguel Cruz, MBA.

Image: Hayley Samartin/Corbellini Creative

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For the stage show:

'A triumph in storytelling and acting...this is theatre done so right' ★★★★★ Reviewsphere

'Heart wrenching, gut punching, elegant and explosive' ★★★★ The Skinny

'Hilarious and chilling, fascinating and gloriously entertaining - even as it bites hard' ★★★★ All Edinburgh Theatre

'Eye opening...a commanding performance' ★★★★ The Stage

'A rich and life-affirming piece of solo theatre.' ★★★★ The Scotsman

'A wonderful show. Heroine is a visceral, honest portrayal of the inside of Danna's mind.' Broadway World (on the 2020 Kennedy Center production)


Content warning: Contains sounds of explosives and armed combat

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  • Artistic TeamMary Jane Wells and Heather Andrews
  • Vocalisations and Additional DialogueMike Vaughn, Ollie Johnston, Nayo Wallace, R Lewis Blake, Gary Lynass, Alan Steele, Xzavier Beacham, Eduard Ruales

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