Class Act 2020: Showcase

Traverse Theatre Students from Craigroyston Community High School, Boroughmuir High School, Broughton High School and Royal High School

Available until 2 June

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The Traverse is delighted to be bringing performances of 17 short scripts, created by the student participants of their Class Act 2020 programme, to audiences around the world for the first time in a pair of digital premieres, which will be available to watch on demand for three weeks.

The scripts have been created by students from four local secondary schools - Craigroyston Community High School, Boroughmuir High School, Broughton High School and Royal High School – who participated in the Traverse’s flagship education project, Class Act, in 2020.

Class Act provides creative support and a safe space for participants to write about whatever may be affecting them, or they feel passionately about, and encourages free expression and uninhibited creation. The result is a range of short scripts bursting with energy, featuring many unusual and amusing situations and vivid characters (some of whom you may recognise!).

Covering a multitude of subjects – from mental health to current politics, killers on the run to reality TV, and everything in between – these pieces are a true, honest and insightful reflection of the concerns and excitements of Scotland’s young people.

Many of the performances were filmed (following Covid 19 regulations) in locations such as Jupiter Artland’s house and grounds, Pyramid in Glasgow, and on the Traverse 1 stage. Others use animation, puppetry and other digital tools to deliver performances.

Class Act 2020 has engaged over 50 freelance artists, and casting for these performances includes: Rebekah Lumsden, Cristian Ortega, Shyvone Ahmmad, Martin Donaghy, Aidan Kerr, Rebecca Elise, Fiona MacNeil, Éimi Quinn, Lydia White, Oat Jenner, Angus Taylor, Hannah Visocchi, Caleb Hughes, Steven Rae, Lucy Greenway, Gary Robson, Davy Kirkwood, Rebecca Robin, Saskia Ashdown, Jack Stewart, Grayson Pender, Tara McGirr, Millie Innes, Lucianne McEvoy, Pete Collins, Petre Dobre, Amy Helena, Craig McCulloch, Ali Kerr, Ben Taylor Muir, Tiger Mitchell and Hannah Low.

The Traverse Theatre is funded by Creative Scotland and The City of Edinburgh Council, with additional support from The Scottish Government Performing Arts Venues Relief Fund.

Class Act is supported by The City of Edinburgh Council, The Robertson Trust, Anderson Anderson & Brown Charitable Initiative, Dr David Summers Charitable Trust, John Thaw Foundation, The Mackintosh Foundation, The McGlashan Charitable Trust, The Murdoch Forrest Charitable Trust, The JTH Charitable Trust, The Nimar Charitable Trust, The Russell Trust, The William Syson Charitable Foundation, The W M Mann Foundation and Unity Theatre Trust, with special thanks to Jupiter Artland.

Image: Mihaela Bodlovic

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About Class Act

Class Act is the Traverse Theatre's flagship education project, challenging senior pupils from across Edinburgh to become artists and writers, creating brand new creative work to be premiered by the Traverse.

Our Class Act 2020 schools were Boroughmuir High School, Craigroyston Community High School, the Royal High School and Broughton High School. We worked with these four schools, to support young people to unleash their creativity and unique voice. The dynamic new creative work they make will be premiered by the Traverse later in 2021, after which, the four Class Act schools will be offered additional workshops to further increase their creative skills.

Beginning in 1990, Class Act is central to the Traverse Theatre’s commitment to connecting with, nurturing and unlocking the creative potential of young people. Each year we are blown away by the inspiration, insight and dedication they bring to the project.

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Boroughmuir High School

Reunion written by Ailsa, Beth & Mairi, performed by Rebecca Elsie, Fiona McNeil & Éimi Quinn.

Dinosaurs in Love written by Mathilda & Coco, performed by Amy Helena, Craig McCulloch & Petre Dobre.

The Desolation of Joris written by Faith, Nathan & Alice, voiced by Voices - Robbie Gordon, Martin Donaghy & Rebekah Lumsden.

Broughton High School

Milo the Wanderer written by Dionne, performed by Saskia Ashdown & Jack Stewart.

Kick The Bucket List written by Denim, performed by Cristian Ortega, Rebekah Lumsden & Shyvone Ahmmad.

Daddy's Gone written by Chloe, performed by Gary Robson, Davy Kirkwood & Rebecca Robin.

A Boring Sunday written by Niamh, performed by Lucianne McEvoy & Peter Collins.

The Writers written by Odrhan, performed by Tara McGirr & Grayson Pender.

Craigroyston Community High School

Bodybuilder and Policeman written by Daryll, David, David and Andrew, voices by Robbie Gordon.

I'm a Celeb Gone Wrong written by Erin, Klaudia, Giorgia, Rosheen, Luzmila, Paige, Tarazona and Robbie with support from Anna, voices by Robbie Gordon, Martin Donaghy & Rebekah Lumsden.

Murder Mystery written by Daryl, Maks, David, Riley, David, Lennon and Zac with support from Zoe and Olaf Lydia White, performed by Lydia White, Oat Jenner & Angus Taylor.

No One Wants to Look Like Me written by John, James, Jane, Sarah and Gemma, performed by Be Charlotte.

Zombie written by Erin, Elle, Max, Lewis Horton, Niomi, Andrew, Charlie-Lee and Amy-Leigh with support from Amber and Logan, performed by Millie Innes.

Royal High School

The Camp written by Heather, Ellie, Darcey, Karlah, Callum, Maddie, Rachel & Rowan, performed by Hannah Visocchi, Caleb Hughes, Lucy Greenaway & Steven Rae.

Stephen and the Bully written by Megan G, Megan D, Leanne, Ben, Gibrill, performed by Aidan Kerr & Martin Donaghy.

Haunted House written by Kirsty, Rosie, Keira, Stanley, Archie, Rachel and Rowan, performed by Tiger Mitchell, Hannah Low, Ali Kerr & Ben Taylor Muir.

I Hope and I Fear written by the entire class, performed by the Class Act Company.


  • EditorRuth Barrie
  • CinematographersGregor Barclay, Glenda Rome, lan McIlrath
  • Sound Design and CompositionJim Sutherland
  • Sound EngineersGavin Fort, Ludovic Barrier
  • AnimatorsLouis Hudson, Ross Butter
  • Graphic DesignLindsay Snedden (Lunaria)
  • PuppeteerAlisa Kalyanova

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