Writer call-out: Positive Stories For Negative Times 4

News 27 Feb 2024

The Traverse and Wonder Fools are looking for a young writer to commission a new play as part of Positive Stories for Negative Times Season 4.

This Spring we are teaming back up with Wonder Fools to commission a young writer (18-25 years old) currently based in Scotland for the fourth edition of Positive Stories For Negative Times. We are delighted to be continuing our close partnership with Wonder Fools through this project which has already had a great social impact in previous editions both within Scotland and globally, engaging more than 9,000 young people to explore stories and creatively engage with their communities.

This commission of a young writer will be written specifically with other young people in mind, fostering a community of artists coming together to share and create work that speaks to the topics and issues that are most prevalent to their age demographic. The young person that is selected for this commission will work with the Traverse, Wonder Fools and their Youth Board, a group of young artists from across Scotland, to develop their ideas and inform the making of the play and ensure that it is representative, accessible and engaging for young people.

We look forward to hearing from and engaging with young people about their ideas, the issues that are important to them and their ambitions to explore these through theatre and storytelling.

See here for more information on Positive Stories for Negative Times.