Traverse Theatre receives funding to take part in UK/Japan season of culture 2019/2020

News 15 Mar 2019

The Traverse Theatre is excited to reveal that it has been successful in a bid for UK/Japan Season of Culture 2019-2020 funding, a major bilateral season that will run from September 2019-September 2020. It will allow us to support two Scottish-based playwrights in travelling to Japan on research trips, with the purpose of creating a pitch for a potential international Traverse Theatre Company commission.

For the exchange, the Traverse will connect two Scottish-based playwrights with residencies in Japan, enabling the artists to work in a different environment - gaining a valuable comparative insight into Japan's culture, language, social and historical backgrounds, natural landscape and climate. We hope that the experience will provoke them to consider different methods of theatre-making and encourage them to look at multiple dimensions of the country - which sometimes may appear in opposition - to create a bold and innovative pitch for a brand new work for the stage.

The project is designed to form a long-term exchange between playwrights and theatre professionals in Scotland and Japan. It will build on existing connections between the Traverse and Japanese producer, Kei Saito, who joined us on placement during 2018/19, and has invaluable experience of working in Scotland and identifying routes of collaboration, in consultation with the Traverse.

The Traverse will now begin the process of selecting writers for the project, with an open call for playwrights taking place during April 2019.

Sunniva Ramsay, Creative Producer, said:
'The Traverse Theatre is thrilled to be part of British Council Scotland and Creative Scotland's UK/Japan Season of Culture 2019-2020. The Traverse will connect two Scottish playwrights with residencies in Japan, through which they'll explore the intercultural similarities and differences between Scottish/Japanese language, culture, and landscape, to inform the creation of new works for the stage. We hope to connect Scottish playwrights to experiences which will provoke them to consider different methods of theatre-making, to broaden artistic vision and ultimately create bold and exciting new work to be shared and enjoyed by both Scottish and international audiences.'