Mouthpiece performers win in second week of The Stage Edinburgh Awards 2019

News 14 Aug 2019
Image: Alex Brenner

We can't shout loud enough about how pleased we are that Angus Taylor and Shauna Macdonald, the stars of one of our festival productions, Mouthpiece, have been announced as recipients of The Stage Edinburgh Award.

Presented throughout the Festival, this award highlights truly accomplished performances.

Writing in The Stage earlier this week, critic Fergus Morgan said they give 'two different but equally powerful' performances.

'Macdonald’s is quieter and subtler – she compellingly puts a broken character back together, then coldly switches her off. Taylor’s is almost unbearably raw, full of pain, anger and confusion. Both are superb, in a superb play.'

Many congratulations to Angus, Shauna and the Mouthpiece team. What wonderful news to celebrate on a Wednesday!

Read the full piece in The Stage here.