Class Act Ukraine in Scotland

News 2 Apr 2024

This April the Traverse, together with partners the University of Edinburgh, is hosting a special and intensive, week-long version of its flagship education project Class Act, working with Ukrainian young people living in Scotland.

With prominent Class Act alumni facilitators Nicola McCartney, Sara Shaarawi, and Natalya Vorozhbyt – travelling from Ukraine – young participants aged 11-19 will spend five days working-up scripts and developing stories in a uniquely supported environment. At the end of the week, a team of professional actors, directors, and musicians bring their stories to life for two special performances at the Traverse, on Saturday 13 April.

Class Act: Ukraine in Scotland creates a vital space for open expression, reflection on their experiences as a young person, their present context, and the impact felt from global conflicts. Although their writing may not result in direct reflections of global events, the creative writing process will allow participants the chance to reflect freely – and, crucially, together – on their experiences during this unprecedented time.

Uniting participants based in Edinburgh, Glasgow, Falkirk, Hamilton, Stirling, Motherwell, and Peebles, this project exemplifies the Traverse’s commitment to amplifying the voices of young people from across Scotland. By expanding its work through creative projects like Class Act: Ukraine in Scotland, the Traverse continues to help ensure the future is richer by investing in the creative talents of young people.

The project is directed by Robbie Gordon, and the cast on Saturday 13 April includes Maureen Beattie, Matthew Zajac, Vera Graziadei, Dmitry Everdeen, Michael Dylan, Cindy Awor and Charlotte Driessler.

Class Act: Ukraine in Scotland is supported by The University of Edinburgh. Delivered in collaboration with the Association of Ukrainians in Great Britain (AUGB).

Director of External Affairs at the Traverse, Ellen Gledhill, said:

“Class Act has proved a hugely successful and inspiring way to unlock the powerful voices of young people, here in Scotland and in India, Finland and Ukraine. All three playwrights taking part have worked many times on this programme, where we have partnered with local organisations to deliver it. They join us creating the transforming experience for the young people taking part, supporting the wonderful funny, moving, absurd and emotional stories that entertain audiences during the performances. I hope many of you will join us at the Traverse to witness the power of storytelling in action.”