An update on Traverse Festival 2021

News 20 May 2021
Red neon sign reading 'TRAVERSE'.

We appreciate that many of you have questions about, and hopes for, the Traverse’s potential Festival programme in August, and beyond. We are keen to be as transparent as possible and share our current understanding of the position.

Operational circumstances continue to be challenging and it remains extremely difficult to make concrete plans; in spite of some more hopeful news emerging from Scottish Government regarding potential relaxation of rules and possible future funding, much is still unknown or unconfirmed. We are working with performing arts colleagues across the city, Scotland and the UK, Scottish Government and the City of Edinburgh Council to establish clear protocols and processes to make reopening and live performance feasible as soon as possible.

Though the restrictions that we will need to operate within are yet to be confirmed, we are very hopeful that some form of live performance will be possible for August, and we are tentatively making plans based on what we believe the situation is likely to be at that time. We are actively considering what may be possible regarding outdoor performances, and the potential for presenting work within specially modified indoor spaces.

We have lots of thinking and planning to do in the coming weeks and months, and are grateful for your patience and support whilst we work things through. Rest assured, audience and performer safety is our top priority in any reopening scenario and we will have comprehensive health and safety guidelines in place, which will be communicated as soon as they are confirmed. We are determined, and excited, to do what we can, when we can.

Whatever is possible, we are committed to supporting our industry, artists, and community, and strengthening our relationship with you, our incredible audience, who have continued to be so supportive of the Traverse during this period of challenge and upheaval. We sincerely thank you for your understanding, loyalty and unwavering passion for our work, and for your continued advocacy.

We look forward to inviting you back to your Traverse in August, whether indoors, outdoors or online. We’ve missed you all immensely!

We will share further news and updates as soon as we are able both here and on our social channels.


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