A tribute to Jim Haynes

News 7 Jan 2021

We are heartbroken to hear of the passing of the legendary internationalist, serial entrepreneur and one of the Traverse's founding spirits, Jim Haynes.

Jim was truly a “one-off”. We are honoured to be a custodian of Jim’s legacy and his pioneering spirit which lives on through our work, and in our commitment to creating opportunities for boundary-breaking new artistic voices.

Around sixty years ago, Jim’s ambition and artistic vision significantly helped shape Edinburgh’s outward-looking, contemporary cultural landscape, bringing a Festival City to the world - and the world to Edinburgh. We are proud that this continues to be a key part of the Traverse year-round mission as we look toward our future.

Our thoughts are with his family, loved ones and the very many people he inspired, and whose lives he influenced and enriched.

An obituary for Jim Haynes is available to read in The Scotman.

Photography: Mihaela Bodlovic