A statement from the Traverse on abuse and sexual assault

News 23 Apr 2021

TW: Abuse and sexual assault

In light of recent events highlighting the unacceptable prevalence of abuse and sexual harassment in our industry, we’ve been rightly called on by members of our sector to share our current practices and aims for future action.

On an individual and organisational level we recognise the pain and trauma shared by the survivors and their bravery in speaking out. We stand in solidarity with those impacted and share the desire for urgency of action. We want to assure you that we are not complacent in this area.

Today we’ve made our disciplinary, grievance, safeguarding and EDI policies and procedures available to download and read below.

These are living documents, continually updated in line with best practice and current legislation. As such, these documents are currently under review and updated versions will be published by the end of June. We’re working on improving transparency in our processes and this is the next step we’re taking towards that end.

We are also in conversation with fellow companies, industry bodies and educators to drive sector-wide change. Abuse can’t be driven out unless we all work together in pursuit of our shared goal of ensuring an inclusive, safe and empowering artistic space for all.

To anyone affected, the Federation of Scottish Theatre's website lists available support and contact details.

We stand in solidarity with survivors and thank those who called on us to respond.

- Traverse Theatre Board Members, Linda Crooks (Executive Producer and Chief Executive) and Gareth Nicholls (Artistic Director)