Just as words require writers to give them life; writers need directors to bring their visions to the stage.

The Traverse Theatre is dedicated to supporting skills development for emerging theatre directors who wish to expand their skills in working with new writing. Through joining the Traverse Directors' Opportunities Mailing List, you will be kept up to date with:

  • Workshop opportunities and events for directors at the Traverse Theatre
  • Assistant Director opportunities on Traverse Theatre Company Productions
  • Rehearsal room shadow opportunities
  • Events and workshops run by The JMK Trust

To receive updates about events taking place throughout the year, please email a note of interest and a bit about yourself and experience to info@traverse.co.uk

The JMK Trust's Regional Programme

The Traverse Theatre is proud to be a member of The JMK Trust's Regional Programme which aims to find and support talented theatre directors around the UK.

The JMK hosts workshops and residencies at the Traverse throughout the year, enabling participants to learn more about the Trust and the coveted JMK Award.

The JMK Trust was founded in 1997 in memory of a theatre director of thrilling promise, James Menzies-Kitchin, who died suddenly and unexpectedly at the age of 28. It runs the annual JMK Young Director's Award and works with theatres around the UK in its Regional Programme to discover and support emerging theatre directors.

The JMK's Assistant Director Bursary, funded by the Leverhulme Trust Arts Scholarships Award, is another part of our work that enables directors to learn new skills through practical experience.

For more details about the JMK please visit jmktrust.org

Previous Assistant Directors at the Traverse Theatre

Jordan Blackwood
The Monstrous Heart by Oliver Emanuel, directed by Gareth Nicholls.
FST Assistant Director Bursary 2019.

Shilpa T-Hyland
Crocodile Fever by Meghan Tyler, directed by Gareth Nicholls.
JMK Assistant Director Bursary 2019.

Eve Nicol
What Girls Are Made Of by Cora Bissett, directed by Orla O'Loughlin.
FST Assistant Director Bursary 2018.

Kolbrún Björt Sigfúsdóttir
Ulster American by David Ireland, directed by Gareth Nicholls.
JMK Assistant Director Bursary 2018.

Fiona Mackinnon
Meet Me At Dawn by Zinnie Harris, directed by Orla O'Loughlin.
FST Assistant Director Bursary 2017.

Nikki Kalkman
Girl in the Machine by Stef Smith, directed by Orla O'Loughlin.
JMK Assistant Director Bursary 2017.