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    List of Events

    1. SPIKE! - a dinosaur caper

      In-person event By Andy Cannon and David Trouton

      Tue 31 May - Wed 1 Jun

      A wonderful tale of a little girl, her grandmother and her favourite dinosaur, SPIKE! is a dinosaur caper is powerfully told through theatrical storytelling and dance.

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    2. How to Build Your Voice

      First Stages Festival By Laurie Motherwell

      Available on demand

      A free, weekly workshop series from writer Laurie Motherwell.

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    3. Soundhouse: Fat-Suit


      MON 6 JUN, 8PM

      Soundhouse is back for a series of unmissable gigs.

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    4. Framework Festival: Connect Event

      TUE 7 JUN, 6.00PM

      An evening of panels, presentations, and performances for artists with industry experts.

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    5. On Air

      Devised by the company, written by Bradley Cannon

      THU 9 JUNE, 8PM & SAT 11 JUNE, 4PM

      One plucky runner dreams of getting their big break as classic fairytale characters are thrown into the confines of reality TV.

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    6. Seven Minutes in Heaven

      By Shelley Middler

      FRI 10 - SAT 11 JUN, 7PM

      A party goes wrong, but whose fault was it?

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    7. Beneath the Surface

      By James Beagon

      FRI 10 - SAT 11 JUN, 8.30PM

      Trapped by boredom, 5 friends explore a nearby cave in search of adventure, only for the darkness to bring their fears to life.

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    8. Soundhouse: Kinnaris Quintet


      Mon 13 Jun, 8pm

      Soundhouse is back with a series of unmissable gigs.

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    9. Soundhouse: Graeme Stephen’s Sunrise


      Mon 20 Jun, 8PM

      Award winning score to F W Murnau's classic film performed live with screening.

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    10. Soundhouse: Cahalen Morrison


      MON 27 Jun, 8pm

      Guitar, banjo, mandolin? Cahalen has it all!

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    11. This is Paradise

      TravFest22 by Michael John O'Neill

      Sat 30 Jul - Sun 28 Aug

      Belfast, 1998. Kate answers a phone call from a desperate young woman, unknown to her but with a fear she knows well.

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    12. Exodus

      TravFest22 by Uma Nada-Rajah

      Sun 31 Jul - Sun 28 Aug

      Explore how far a politician will go in the world premiere of National Theatre of Scotland's new production.

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