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    1. This is Paradise

      TravFest22 by Michael John O'Neill

      Sat 30 Jul - Sun 28 Aug

      Belfast, 1998. Kate answers a phone call from a desperate young woman, unknown to her but with a fear she knows well.

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    2. Exodus

      TravFest22 by Uma Nada-Rajah

      Sun 31 Jul - Sun 28 Aug

      Explore how far a politician will go in the world premiere of National Theatre of Scotland's new production.

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    3. Blood Harmony

      TravFest22 Created by Matthew Bulgo, Jonnie Riordan & Jess Williams with music by The Staves

      Tue 2 - SUN 28 AUG

      Soaring music by Atlantic Records artists, The Staves, combines with bold new writing and dynamic physicality in this uplifting and powerful new play with songs about love, loss and legacy.

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    4. Happy Meal

      TravFest22 by Tabby Lamb

      Thu 4 - Sun 28 Aug

      Join us for an online show irl. Travel back to the quaint days of dial up and MSN, where you'll follow two strangers on their journeys to become who they always were.

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    5. Psychodrama

      TravFest22 by Matt Wilkinson

      Thu 4 - Sun 28 Aug

      A fortysomething actress is investigated for the murder of a theatre director whilst rehearsing a production of Hitchcock’s Psycho.

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    6. Bloody Elle - A Gig Musical

      TravFest22 by Lauryn Redding

      Thu 4 - Sun 28 Aug

      Elle meets Eve - nothing is ever the same again. This loud, proud, love story is heart-warmingly honest & belly-achingly funny.

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    7. The Last Return

      TravFest22 By Sonya Kelly

      Thu 4 - SUN 28 AUG

      A queue for the last seat in the house...

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    8. Wilf

      TravFest22 by James Ley

      FRI 5 - SUN 28 AUG

      A love story between a man and his car.

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    9. ALOK

      TravFest22 by ALOK

      Tue 9 - Sun 21 Aug

      ALOK (they/them) is an internationally acclaimed writer, performer and public speaker. This is their new comedy and poetry show.

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    10. One-Woman Show

      TravFest22 Written and performed by Liz Kingsman

      Tue 16 - Sun 28 Aug

      The Guardian’s #1 Comedy Show of 2021 comes to the Fringe for a limited run.

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    11. Eavesdropping (Walk This Play®) - use your own equipment

      TravFest22 By Hannah Lavery and Sarah MacGillivray

      Fri 5 - Sun 28 Aug

      A location-based audio play taking listeners on an adventure through the streets of Edinburgh, revealing new sides to and stories of the city and the people who (may) live here.

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    12. Anyone Can Write a Play

      First Stages Festival By Meghan Tyler

      Available on demand

      Want to write a play but don't know where to start? Or maybe you've written a play in the past, but recently lost all of your creative juices? Never fear – this is the playwriting series for you!

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