Though this list is not exhaustive of the measures we are taking in this area, below are some of the key actions we are taking to ensure the safety of staff working at the Traverse – and therefore also our audiences.

  • Only pre-authorised personnel are permitted to access the Traverse.
  • All staff have received training on working in a Covid-safe manner, and adhering to the Scottish Government’s safety guidance at all times.
  • Staff will be issued with a number of face masks and T-shirts, which will be washed on a high temperature between each use. Masks will be changed every four hours.
  • Staff arrival times are staggered to avoid any congestion in the venue.
  • Anyone experiencing any Covid-19 symptoms will be sent home.
  • Staff will sanitise their hands upon entrance to the venue.
  • Whilst in the venue, all staff will be distance aware, wear face masks (unless medically exempt) and wash their hands frequently.
  • PPE will be worn by First Aiders when carrying out any tasks that involve direct contact.
  • Regular breaks for handwashing to be factored into the workday for all staff.
  • In the event of an evacuation the Traverse clear, a distance aware evacuation procedure will be followed by all staff.
  • Staff, where able, will use stairs to move around the building rather than the lift to encourage being distance aware.