Though this list is not exhaustive of the measures we are taking in these areas, below are some of the key actions we are taking to ensure the safety of the casts and companies performing at the Traverse – and therefore also our audiences.

  • Only pre-authorised personnel are permitted to access the Traverse.
  • Send updated procedures to partner companies, building users (hires etc) with Traverse procedures for gaining access to the building, together with any other relevant Health & Safety information and risk assessments.
  • Anyone experiencing any Covid-19 symptoms will be sent home.
  • If it is not possible to replace the individual at the last minute a decision will need to be taken to amend the running order or cancel a performance or performances.
  • Cast and company members will sanitise their hands upon entrance to the venue.
  • All cast and company members are encouraged to remain distancing aware and wear facemasks whilst they are in the venue, and wash their hands frequently.
  • Cast and company members, where able, will use stairs to move around the building rather than the lift to encourage remaining distance aware.
  • All cast members are encouraged to do their own hair and make-up and bring any other items that they require with them (e.g. towel).
  • Dressing rooms will be regularly cleaned.