Writing Workshops

Writing Workshops

Workshop: Playing with Big Questions

This workshop offers the opportunity to work with playwright Clare Duffy to explore writing about the being and politics of Environment.

Connected to Traverse commission Arctic Oil, this workshop will look at how playwriting can examine complex themes on the environment and our world today.

Clare Duffy is a writer for stage, radio, television and is increasingly working in new storytelling platforms such as digital games and virtual reality.

Date & time
Sat 6 Oct, 3-6pm

Fee £20


Workshop: Writing and Re-writing (And Re-writing Again)

Join playwright Kieran Hurley, writer of Traverse commission Mouthpiece, in a workshop focussed on the art of getting your work on the page, and then reworking it again, and then…again.

Using Kieran's own practice as a starting point, this practical workshop will encourage writers to connect with the creativity behind redrafting.

Kieran Hurley is a writer, performer and theatre-maker based in Glasgow. His Fringe First award-winning and critically acclaimed play Heads Up won Best New Play at the 2017 Critics' Awards for Theatre in Scotland.

Date & time
Sat 8 Dec, 3-6pm

Fee £20


To learn more about any of the Traverse's engagement activities, please contact Sunniva Ramsay at sunniva.ramsay@traverse.co.uk

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