List of Events

  1. Enough

    Festival 2019 By Stef Smith

    Jane and Toni are immaculate, iconic, accommodating flight attendants. They’re here for your safety, your comfort and your pleasure. Or so you think.

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  2. Rich Kids: A History of Shopping Malls in Tehran

    Festival 2019 By Javaad Alipoor

    From the company behind the award-winning The Believers Are But Brothers, this is a darkly comedic, urgent new play about entitlement, consumption and digital technology.

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  3. The Patient Gloria

    Festival 2019 By Gina Moxley

    Inspired by the 1965 films Three Approaches To Psychotherapy, this is a mash up of re-enactment, real footage, lived experience and a punk gig.

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  4. Crocodile Fever

    Festival 2019 By Meghan Tyler

    Northern Ireland, 1989. A farmhouse window smashes, and rebellious Fianna Devlin crashes back into the life of her pious sister Alannah.

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  5. We Are In Time

    By Pamela Carter

    Through song, music and words, one of Scotland’s most forward-thinking theatre-makers joins the pioneering string orchestra to tell the extraordinary story of a transplanted heart, from giver to receiver.

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