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    List of Events

    1. Still

      In-person event By Frances Poet

      In-person Mon 2 - Sun 22 Aug

      Across Edinburgh, five souls stagger towards each other, hoping to be transformed.

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    2. Shedinburgh Fringe Festival 2021


      Livestreamed Tue 3 - Sun 29 Aug

      Celebrating and sustaining the Edinburgh Fringe Festival… in sheds.

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    3. A Play, A Pie and A Pint – Chic Murray: A Funny Place for a Window

      In-person event By Stuart Hepburn

      In person Sat 7 - Sat 28 Aug

      The “Comedian’s Comedian” Chic Murray takes a musical look back at the ups and downs, triumphs and tragedies of his glittering, but tragically flawed career on the eve of his death in 1985.

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    4. We'll Meet in Moscow

      On demand By Natalie McGrath

      On demand Tue 10 - Tue 31 Aug

      Written in response to Russian courts banning Moscow Pride celebrations in August 2012 for 100 years, We'll Meet in Moscow is a beautifully haunting and consuming monologue.

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    5. Class Act 2020 Showcase

      In-person event By Edinburgh's Young People

      In person Sun 22 Aug, 4.30pm

      The Traverse is delighted to be bringing Class Act to our August Festival programme for the first time, featuring live performance as well as short films, animation and more.

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    6. This is Paradise

      In-person event By Michael John O'Neill

      In-person Tue 24 - Sun 29 Aug

      At once timely and timeless in its nuanced observation of the fragility of peace, This is Paradise is a powerful monologue exploring what it takes from us to begin again.

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