The Play of Light Upon The Earth

Rehearsed Reading | Sally Hobson By Sally Hobson
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From afar the gods sit upon the stars and watch how terror becomes quietly planted in all those who survived that day. As much as they wish they could, they cannot weep since crying is a human privilege.

The award-winning forces of Sally Hobson and Muriel Romanes come together to present a reading of The Play of Light Upon The Earth. One summer’s day many bombs explode unexpectedly changing the lives of many people forever. With lyricism and dark humour, this intimate portrayal of life on a beautiful and turbulent planet shows how sincerity and innocence can be reclaimed even in the most difficult and troubled of times.

Supported by Creative Scotland

Image: Belfast Live


  • Writer/ProducerSally Hobson
  • DirectorMuriel Romanes
  • Sound DesignerJane Datony

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