Super Human Heroes

The Letter J. / Commissioned by Imaginate in association with Paisley Arts Centre
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Captain Sunshine is not living up to his name!

This Super Human Hero is not feeling super. Where's the all action superhero? Where's the run a hundred miles with a smile? We miss his sunshine, his light; we miss feeling that everything is going to be alright.

Captain Sunshine is overwhelmed by the challenges of the day. He's tired of being sunny – being good, funny, loving, smart – tired of playing the part. Who will save Captain Sunshine, if he cannot save himself? What does it mean to be a modern day Super Human Hero?

A comical and musical dance with darkness, exploring the ways we are, fail and try to be super human heroes. There will be singing, there will be silence. We can't be heroes all the time. It's ok to be human.

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Commissioned by Imaginate in association with Paisley Arts Centre. Supported through the Scottish Government’s Festivals Expo Fund.

Image: Jassy Earl

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