Still No Idea

Scottish Premiere | Bunny in association with Ellie Keel Productions and Traverse Theatre By Lisa Hammond, Lee Simpson & Rachael Spence
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Lisa and Rachael want to make a show, but there's a problem: they don’t have any ideas. So who do they turn to? The Great British Public of course!

Still No Idea is Lisa and Rachael's quest: a mischievous look at two friends searching for drama, action and a story to tell. Part-verbatim theatre, part-confession, part-comedy sketch show with a bit of singing and dancing thrown in. Turns out getting the public to write your story is quite an adventure.

All performances of Still No Idea will be Relaxed - aiming to create a space for everyone, especially people who would benefit from a more informal experience. This means we'll take a relaxed attitude to noise in the auditorium; you are welcome to respond to the show in whatever way feels natural. Latecomers will be admitted, and you can enter and exit the auditorium when needed.

A Sensory Synopsis and a Story Synopsis are available below for anyone that may benefit from them.

Originally co-produced by Improbable and Royal Court Theatre.

Image: Idil Sukan


  • WritersLisa Hammond, Lee Simpson & Rachael Spence
  • DirectorLee Simpson
  • DesignerBen Stones
  • Lighting DesignerColin Grenfell
  • Sound DesignerGareth Fry
  • CastLisa Hammond & Rachael Spence

Behind the Scenes

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