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Dominic Waxing Lyrical is Dominic Harris and friends. He released one of Edinburgh's favourite albums of the 90s (eponymous though sometimes thought to be called Simplicity released by Neptunes in 1996, last seen on discogs for £50 and rising) and did many memorable performances throughout that decade.

Eighteen years later, his second album Woodland Casual came out on Tenement Records in 2015. Enlisting the help of Tenement Records’ Riley Briggs and George McFall (Aberfeldy, Clean George IV) and Edinburgh drum stalwart Murray Briggs (Aberfeldy, Oi Polloi, Gin Goblins, Moniack etc.) and Neil Bateman (Badgewearer) the album was well received by UK press deemed as ‘a tonic of an album for those who fret that everything sounds the same’ by The Scotsman.

Dominic’s third album Rural Tonic was released in 2017 and features collaborations with Edinburgh classical ensemble Mr McFall’s Chamber as well as his regular host of players (Riley and Murray from the fabulous Aberfeldy).

With special guests: Dancing Mice

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