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The Banana Sessions is a band. Not just any band either – the sort of band that haunt your dreams with annoyingly catchy melodies, Beatles-esque harmonies and washboard beats. But don’t let that put you off – if Marmite can win the hearts of many, then so can they.

The Banana Sessions exploded onto the Scottish music scene way back when in 2007. Fresh out of music school, Roberta Pia and Calum Wood had met and bonded over tea and bananas and began to write songs about the most mundane topics they could possibly think of – running out of tea bags, the health benefits of bananas, stories about bears in the forest and being chased by imaginary white rabbits. It’s safe to say they had a wild imagination from the off – but with Calum coming from a Pearl Jam background and Roberta from a Billie Holiday background, their approach to song-writing was quite different. Whilst some might find that a hindrance, Calum and Roberta used it to their musical benefit to create tunes designed to mess with your head whilst soothing it all at the same time. After staying up late one night writing their first EP featuring their first ever song, Bananas – they aptly named themselves The Banana Sessions and the rest was history.

2019 sees the band reform once again with the same stripped back classic line-up of vocals, guitar, percussion and plenty of harmonies with some brand-new material, some very old material and an album of B sides featuring music that has never been heard before. It's going to be a homecoming when they hit The Traverse in July, and you should be there...

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