Eavesdropping (Walk This Play®)

ThickSkin in association with Traverse Theatre By Hannah Lavery and Sarah MacGillivray

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'Did you notice I was talking, that I was living my life, that I was living a life here too?'

Don your headphones and get ready to eavesdrop in this latest solo audio experience from ThickSkin (How Not to Drown). Celebrating the stories and people who are the heartbeat and spirit of Edinburgh, Eavesdropping asks who gets to define a city, who gets to be it’s guide and who’s story matters.

takes audiences on an adventure through familiar and unfamiliar streets in Scotland’s capital, revealing new sides to and stories of the people who (may) live here. This location-based walking audio play by Hannah Lavery (The Drift) and Sarah MacGillivray, the latest in ThickSkin’s Walk This Play® series, will encourage audiences to look differently at the rich tapestry of people you may walk past every day, whether you notice them or not.

Through narration and original music blended with the sights and sounds around you, Eavesdropping takes you on a journey of imagination and discovery, where the audience is central to the action.
Produced in association with the Traverse Theatre and directed by Jonnie Riordan (Nigel Slater’s Toast), Eavesdropping continues our exploration of the many different facets of Edinburgh, presenting new and surprising perspectives on the city and its stories, and encourages audiences to get out and rediscover their city this summer.

Eavesdropping will be available to access from Fri 20 Aug.

The Traverse Theatre is funded by Creative Scotland and The City of Edinburgh Council, with additional support from The Scottish Government Performing Arts Venues Relief Fund.

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Important information

You will need headphones and a smartphone with access to either the Google Play Store or Apple App Store to take part in this performance. You can use your own, or borrow a set from the Traverse Box Office (subject to availability). Email boxoffice@traverse.co.uk to arrange a date and time for collection and return. Please note that a form of identification and contact details will be required to borrow these items.

The App is optimised for the following operating systems: Android - version 6.0 or later / iOS version 12.0 or later.

D/deaf audiences can choose to use the in-app captions.

Visually impaired audiences may need a walking companion for safety with crossing roads.

The walk will wait for you and can be enjoyed at your own pace.

Press reviews

'A colourful walk in the company of strangers' ★★★★ Guardian

'A witty and compelling cross-section of Edinburgh' ★★★★ The Stage

'The overall effect is brilliantly life-enhancing' ★★★★ The Scotsman

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  • WriterHannah Lavery
  • WriterSarah MacGillivray
  • DirectorJonnie Riordan
  • Composer & Sound DesignerFinn Anderson
  • Saskia Ashdown


  • Reuben Joseph


  • Sally Reid


  • Julie Wilson Nimmo


Behind the Scenes

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Eavesdropping is available to experience now, on-demand. After purchase, you'll receive an email with details of how to access the performance whenever you wish. You can book for this event and experience the show until 23:59 on Fri 17 Sep.

If you have any problems, please see our FAQ page or contact our box office team.


    What equipment will I need to experience Eavesdropping?
    To experience Eavesdropping, each ticket holder must have their own smartphone, and compatible headphones.

    What do I need to participate in Eavesdropping?
    You will need to download the free Walk This Play® from the Apple App Store, or Google Play Store. The App is optimised for the following operating systems: Android - version 6.0 or later / iOS version 12.0 or later.

    How do I view the performance?
    When you buy a ticket through the Traverse Theatre website, you can create an account on the Walk This Play® app, using the same email address that you used to book the ticket. Once the account is created, login to the app and select ‘Open Walk’ next to Eavesdropping on the list of available walks. Download the walk while connected to WiFi (free WiFi is available at the Traverse Theatre). Keep your WiFi and GPS enabled for the duration of the walk. When you are ready to begin, head to the front of the Traverse Theatre, put on your headphones and begin the walk by tapping start.

    What time does the show start?
    There is no specific start time, but we recommend doing the walk between 12-8pm in line with the Traverse Theatre’s box office opening hours. The running time is approximately 1 hour 10 minutes, but all Walk This Play® experiences are designed so that you can walk at your own pace. The walk will wait for you.

    Who should I contact if I experience any issues prior to the show?
    You can speak in person to the Traverse Box Office team, or email boxoffice@traverse.co.uk. If you are unable to download the walk, or are being asked to pay, please make sure you have created an account using the same email address that you booked your ticket with via the Traverse’s box office, and are logged in to the app with those details.


    I’ve signed in, but I still can't access the walk
    Make sure you’re logged into the Walk This Play® app using the email you bought the ticket with via the Traverse, and to which you should have received a confirmation email when you originally purchased access.

    The app is asking me about location settings?
    Please select ‘allowed all the time’ to improve your GPS and give you the best experience of the walk.

    How do I know where to go?
    Keep your GPS and WiFi enabled, and follow the instructions given by the narrator and within the story itself. There is also a built-in map in the app. The route is circular and will start and end at the Traverse Theatre. The orange line and marker on the map show your position on the route, so to stay on track follow the line. The map is there for you to refer to throughout your walk. The route will take around 1 hour 10mins to walk, and has some inclines but no steps. The Eavesdropping walk takes place outdoors, so wear comfy shoes and weather appropriate clothing.

    I have tapped ‘Start’, and I can see the map, but the audio hasn’t started?
    In map view on the app, tap the square button on the top right of the screen. Ensure that ‘Autoplay’ is toggled to on (toggle is blue)

    What should I do if the sound disappears mid walk?
    Don’t worry, you may have strayed out of the route a little, so double check your map on the app and navigate back. The walk will wait for you and can be enjoyed at your own pace.

    How long do I have access for?
    You can take part in Eavesdropping as many times as you wish. If you plan to do the walk multiple times, make sure to fully close the app before beginning your next walk so the walk can reset

    Is the experience accessible?
    As this is an audio experience, D/deaf audiences can choose to use the in-app captions. Visually impaired audiences may need a walking companion for safety with crossing roads.

    What age is Eavesdropping suitable for?
    Eavesdropping is suitable for ages 14+

    I have a question that isn’t answered here.
    Please email our team at boxoffice@traverse.co.uk and we’ll get back to you as soon as we’re able – please note that this may take up to 2 working days, but we’ll try to prioritise anything urgent.