Donny's Brain

Traverse Theatre Company By Rona Munro
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The brain is just a 3lb lump of jelly.
We don’t know how it works, maybe we’ve got souls, maybe we don’t. Maybe we’ve got minds as well as brains, maybe we don’t…

Donny wakes up in hospital after a car crash, desperate to see his partner Emma and unable to recognise the strange woman crying at his bedside.

With no memory of the last three years, Donny still sees the world as the person he used to be, when his life was in a very different place. Now, could his injured brain be a second chance for everyone to mend old wounds and move on?

Funny and moving in equal measure, Donny’s Brain raises fascinating questions about the essence of love, human nature and our sense of self. Are we just a bunch of chemicals sloshing around? And who are we without our memories?

Written by acclaimed Scottish playwright Rona Munro (Iron, The Last Witch, The James Plays), this rehearsed, script-in-hand reading of Donny’s Brain is directed by Edinburgh-based director Caitlin Skinner (Woke, At A Stretch, Sanitise).

Supported by Creative Scotland and the City of Edinburgh Council.

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  • WriterRona Munro
  • DirectorCaitlin Skinner

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