Brite Theater, produced by Vanishing Point Concept and text Kolbrun Bjort Sigfusdottir

Tue 26 - Fri 29 Oct

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Get ready for a fun, reflective night in by yourself, performing your own solo theatre show, with your own personal soundtrack.

In Deliverance, a person arrives at your door with an envelope. Inside is your script - a set of instructions that you will follow for the next 90 minutes. You’ll dress up, you’ll dance, you’ll pose in the mirror, you'll even receive a phone call from a stranger, but don’t worry, no one will be watching but you.

Described as ‘like a mindfulness exercise crossed with a dressing-up-box game’ (Guardian), Deliverance was such a hit during lockdown that Brite Theater & Vanishing Point have revived it for audiences who missed it the first time around.

Important information:

Due to the need for show information to be delivered to your home on the day of your performance, we can only accept bookings for audience members in postcode areas EH1 - EH12 (bookers may be outside of this area if purchasing for those within it). This show is designed for one person to experience.

Once booked, you will receive an email early on the day of your performance with your personal start time, which will between 6-9PM on the date you have booked. If there is a time within this period which you would like to request, please email and we will do our best to accommodate you.


An accessible version of Deliverance for people with a visual impairment is available - instead of receiving the instructions in the form of a written text, you will receive an MP3 player with an audio file which you listen to.

Content warning

This work asks participants to think about themselves as a child, how they feel about themselves today, their gender and their bodies.

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