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New Writing From Quebec

New Writing From Quebec
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    Start date18 Nov 2014
    End date20 Nov 2014
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    Traverse Theatre Company / La Licorne Theatre

    As part of an exciting cultural exchange this autumn, we welcome three Québécois writers from La Licorne Theatre to the Traverse to present rehearsed readings of their recent works. 

    Audiences can look forward to performances from Maureen Beattie (The Carousel, The List), Benny Young (Unfaithful, Love with a Capital 'L'), Paul Thomas Hickey (Quiz Show, The Wheel), Meg Fraser (Breakfast Plays), Lynn Kennedy (The Artist Man and The Mother Woman), Anne Kidd (Flying With Swans) and Cal MacAninch (Downton Abbey, Mr Selfridge).

    Théatre La Licorne is the home of La Manufacture Theatre Company in Montreal, founded in 1975. It mirrors some of the key passions of the Traverse Theatre, commissioning and producing some of the best new writing from Quebec and beyond. Traverse Artistic Director Orla O’Loughlin has worked closely with Jean Denis Leduc, Director of La Licorne, and these readings demonstrate a key stage in the on-going relationship between these two pioneering theatres. All three works will be directed by La Licorne's Philippe Lambert.

    Billy (The Days of Howling) by Fabien Cloutier
    Translated by Nadine Desrochers
    Tue 18 Nov, 8pm
    Starring:Starring Maureen Beattie, Meg Fraser and Paul Thomas Hickey
    When Alice’s mother sees Billy eating Cheetos on his way to the Daycare centre it kick-starts a spiral of obsession, double standards and maternal madness. A beautifully rhythmic piece questioning the reliability of narrators and the complexities of living up to the high standards we often set for ourselves and others.

    Right Here, Right Now by Catherine-Anne Toupin
    Translated by Christopher Campbell
    Wed 19 Nov, 8pm
    Starring Cal MacAninch, Maureen Beattie, Paul Thomas Hickey, Benny Young
    Alice is bereft; a mother without her child. Haunted by the cries of her first-born, whilst dealing with the nosy neighbours next door, Alice struggles to keep a grasp on what’s left of her shattered reality. Right Here, Right Now is a richly drawn portrait of a family coming to terms with their unremitting grief. An unsettling folktale for a modern age, it explores the darker recesses of the human ability to normalise our traumas.

    You Will Remember Me by Francois Archambault
    Translated by Bobby Theodore
    Thu 20 Nov, 8pm
    Starring Benny Young, Anne Kidd, Meg Fraser, Lynn Kennedy and Cal MacAninch
    In the bustle of our daily lives have we forgotten how to care for someone other than ourselves? Edouard thinks so. Too senile for his wife Madeline, he is foisted upon his daughter and her new family. Meeting young Berenice, Edouard comes to rediscover something he had thought long lost. A vividly honest and emotionally engaging depiction of a modern family under pressure, You Will Remember Me explores our personal regrets and searches for the succour of redemption.

    Dates & Times
    Tue 18 – Thu 20 Nov, 8pm

    Full Price £6
    Standard Concessions £4

    The amount stated is the final price for tickets through all sales channels. For further fee information, see our Box Office information page.


    Age Recommendation

    Image by Cake

    • Fabien Cloutier, Catherine-Anne Toupin, Francois Archambault

    • Philippe Lambert

    • Maureen Beattie, Meg Fraser, Paul Thomas Hickey, Lynn Kennedy, Anne Kidd, Cal MacAninch, Rosalind Sydney, Benny Young


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