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The Traverse Script Shop is back in business! Here you can buy scripts, CDs and other merchandise related to our shows, both previous and current.

Standard delivery is charged at £1.50. Please allow 2 to 3 working days for your order to be processed.

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  1. The Whip Hand by Douglas Maxwell Playtext

    It’s Dougie’s birthday. He just turned 50 and his family are throwing him a party. But it’s he who has a surprise for them. A bombshell proposal. An explosive new play about power, privilege, blood ties and our inescapable past.

    £5.00 More info
  2. Locker Room Talk by Gary McNair Playtext

    Created in response to Donald Trump’s infamous comments, Locker Room Talk is a provocative exploration of how men speak about women in men-only spaces, asking if such sexually abusive rhetoric can really be accepted as mere ‘locker room talk’.

    £5.00 More info
  3. Right Now by Catherine-Anne Toupin Playtext

    A play with a dark heart, a disquieting exploration of one woman’s crisis and darkest desires. It walks a delicate line between playful laughter and deep trauma, teasing and thrilling audiences from beginning to end.

    £4.00 More info
  4. GUT by Frances Poet Playtext

    A taut psychological thriller that explores who we can trust with our children. And whether it’s more dangerous not to trust at all. Winner of the Writers' Guild Award.

    £5.00 More info
  5. What Girls Are Made Of by Cora Bisset Playtext

    Based on her meticulously detailed, pull-no-punches teenage diaries, this is the true story of Cora Bissett’s roller-coaster journey from the girl she was to the woman she wanted to be.

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