Week 3 of Tracks of the Winter Bear reharsals

30 November 2015 ← return to listing

Week 3 of Tracks of the Winter Bear reharsals

Caroline Deyga, who is playing the Bear, works with director Orla O'Loughlin in Tracks of the Winter Bear rehearsals.
Credit: Caro Donald.

Caro Donald, Assistant Director on Tracks of the Winter Bear, tells us about the third week of rehearsals.

It's the final week of rehearsals, and we have been very busy preparing for the production to open at the Traverse on 9 December.

We finished off last week with a run through of each act, which helped identify which scenes needed more work and development. Zinnie and Orla kicked off the week by focusing on those areas; working with the actors, interrogating the text, making changes, and playing with the staging until everything felt clear.

Midweek my focus was on working one-to-one with the actors; running lines and talking through scenes. I really enjoyed this process, and still find it is one of the best ways an Assistant Director can support the cast, especially when working with new writing pieces.

Following our last production meeting on Thursday, plans were confirmed for technical rehearsals the following week. Tech week is when the magic really happens. Technical rehearsals are meticulous and every detail comes together; often this is the point where creative thinking is at its richest as the creative team work together to find solutions if issues arise.  All of the elements we have had to imagine so far in rehearsals come together, however, with the set, lighting, sound and props.

As we make our way to the Traverse next week, I will be spending a good bit of the time sitting down…(with good reason). Before our previews on 5 & 8 December, I will have sat in every seat in the house, checking view points and imagining what each audience member will see. Be sure to snap up one of those seats - I've been keeping them warm!

Note: The position of Assistant Director is supported by the Federation of Scottish Theatre with funding from Creative Scotland. 


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