Week 2 of Tracks of the Winter Bear rehearsals

23 November 2015 ← return to listing

Week 2 of Tracks of the Winter Bear rehearsals

Caroline Deyga, who is playing the Bear, works with movement directors White and Givan in week 2 of Tracks of the Winter Bear rehearsals.
Credit: Caro Donald.

Caro Donald, Assistant Director on Tracks of the Winter Bear, tells us about the second week of rehearsals.

Week two of Tracks of the Winter Bear rehearsals is complete, and we are up on our feet. On Monday, we focused on Act 1 by Stephen Greenhorn, and on Tuesday we explored Act 2 by Rona Munro; walking through the scenes, playing with the space and exploring how we visually and actively tell the story.

On Wednesday, we shifted our focus, and had a day filled with movement and music. We were joined in the morning by movement directors White & Givan, and they worked with Caroline Deyga who is playing the bear. They explored movements of bears and polarish physicality, and it was arresting to see Caroline's moves evolve as the company experimented and played with dynamics. Composer David Paul Jones joined us on Wednesday afternoon with the music and soundscapes for the first scene of Act 2. The power of sound astounds me sometimes, it is so connected to our emotions and, even in a bare rehearsal room, with the actors in their own clothes, I was transported, and could almost feel the snow flurries.

Thursday brought us back to the practicalities of production as we met with the full creative and technical team. Issues with timber, snow, ramps, rakes, and even shoes were raised, and solved. Kai Fischer's set design is still under locks, but it is incredible. He has created a beautiful and challenging landscape to play in. His design is unlike anything I have ever seen staged at the Traverse before, and I can't wait to see how audiences respond.

By Friday and Saturday, we were ready to run a stagger through of Act 1 and Act 2. Stephen and Rona joined us for the run throughs, and on Saturday we had a small supportive audience from the theatre in the room as well. Moving into week three we are in a good place, but still have a little way to go before the bear arrives at the Traverse. As Avril in Act 1 says, "One foot in front of the other..."

Note: The position of Assistant Director is supported by the Federation of Scottish Theatre with funding from Creative Scotland. 


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