Ulster American wins the Carol Tambor Best of Edinburgh Award

24 August 2018 ← return to listing

Ulster American wins the Carol Tambor Best of Edinburgh Award

We are utterly delighted to announce that Ulster American has been awarded the Carol Tambor Best of Edinburgh Award.

A confrontational and brutally funny new play by David Ireland (Cyprus Avenue), Ulster American explores abuse of power, the confusion of cultural identity and the silencing of the female voice. 

Presented annually since 2004, the award seeks to discover the best new play at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe and has an attached prize fund aimed to facilitate a New York transfer of the winning production.

Gareth Nicholls, our Associate Director and the director of Ulster American commented at the awards ceremony:

'To take this particular piece and what it deals with, particular abuse of power by people in the entertainment industry, to New York is going to be really exciting and intriguing. The success of the play has really taken all of us by surprise. I know it's a provocative piece, but I really believed in what it had to say and stood by it. We've been delighted that the majority of people who have seen it have understood what we're trying to do.'

Read more about the prize in the New York Times piece, here.

Find out more about the production, here.

12. Darrell D'Silva , Lucianne Mc Evoy , Robert Jack In Ulster American . Photo By Sid Scott

Darrell D'Silva, Lucianne McEvoy, Robert Jack in Ulster American. Photo by Sid Scott.


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