TravFest18 Week 0: Here we go!

30 July 2018 ← return to listing

TravFest18 Week 0: Here we go!

Here we go!

Deep breathes everyone - festival season is about to hit. Friday marks the first official day of the Edinburgh Festival Fringe and just before we dive headfirst into the beautiful, bonkers and brilliant hectic mess that is the festival, here's a little bit more about one of our festival shows, Ulster American. We're excited, and can't wait to share all of our festival shows with you.

Ulster American had its first preview on Saturday. After the show we caught up with some audience members see what they thought about the show, watch their reactions here. You can also see a gallery of production images here.

If you're looking for more on our full festival programme, you can watch the trailer  here, and view the online brochure  here.

Image: Sid Scott



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