Open Submissions Workshops

Want to develop your playwriting skills?

Each Wednesday until 2 September 2020 we'll release a free Open Submissions workshop that will support you and fellow aspiring writers to unleash your creativity and take you from idea to draft.

This 16-week series aims to practically and proactively support writers through the process from having an initial idea for a script to creating a draft, for potential submission to our Open Submissions window beginning on 1 September 2020, when it will be read by a team of theatre professionals for possible development and presentation by the Traverse at a future date.

Each week a professional playwright or theatremaker, both established and early career, will deliver a workshop on a particular aspect of the writing process to help you enhace your skills and give insight into the Open Submissions process.

Tutors already confirmed to deliver workshops are Debbie Hannan, Gareth Nicholls, Matilda Ibini, Natasha Sutton Williams, Julia Taudevin, Hannah Lavery and Meghan Tyler with many more to be confirmed in coming weeks.

There's no signup required but to get the episodes as soon as they're released, subscribe to our Youtube channel or Spotify podcast. For those of you who may want to work on your ideas for a little longer, all sessions once live will be available to view and listen to at any point until 1 September 2021.

We hope you enjoy these workshops and look forward to reading your pieces!

Transcripts and closed captions are available for each video in the series.


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  1. Open Submissions Workshop #16: How to Pitch Your Plays to Theatres with Gareth Nicholls

    26 Aug 2020

  2. Open Submissions Workshop #15: Meet the Writers Behind Breakfast Plays: New Tracks

    19 Aug 2020

  3. Open Submissions Workshop #14: Quick-fire Questions and Advice from Playwrights

    12 Aug 2020

  4. Open Submissions Workshop #13: Reader Interviews

    5 Aug 2020

  5. Open Submissions Workshop #12: Representing Working-Class Voices

    29 Jul 2020

  6. Open Submissions Workshop #11: Writing for Yourself to Perform

    22 Jul 2020

  7. Open Submissions Workshop #10: What Is Said and What Is Not Said

    15 Jul 2020

  8. Open Submissions Workshop #9: Can Playwriting be a Science?

    8 Jul 2020

  9. Open Submissions Workshop #8: Writing Dialogue with Clare Duffy

    1 Jul 2020

  10. Open Submissions Workshop #7: Writing with, and Representing Disability

    24 Jun 2020

  11. Open Submissions Workshop #6: Telling It Your Own Way with Hannah Lavery

    17 Jun 2020

  12. Open Submissions Workshop #5: Open Submissions 2019 Alumni Interviews

    10 Jun 2020

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