Cancellation of Wilf performances

News 20 Dec 2021
Neon sign, reading 'Traverse'

A message from our Executive Producer, Linda Crooks:

"It is with a heavy heart that we have concluded that the best option for the Traverse, its audiences and staff, is to cancel the last few Wilf performances this week (Tue 21 - Fri 24 Dec) and close our building to the public from Tue 21 Dec.

We are sorry to disrupt festive plans but this very hard decision has been made in light of all the information we have received from Scottish Government, through our personal experiences, regarding the prevalence and speed of the transmission of the Coronavirus Omicron variant, and our duty of care to our community and colleagues.

As ever, our priority is protecting the health of our audience, company and staff. We have put all reasonable measures in place and in the Traverse’s case we have continued to enforce social distancing and many other safety measures in all our spaces since we physically reopened in summer 2021.

We have consistently received very positive feedback from Traverse customers that they have “felt very safe”, “looked after” and have absolute confidence in the protocols in place. However, we now face a constantly shifting and rapidly escalating situation and have concluded that a bit of “pit-stop” is needed for the safety of everyone involved, and to enable us to return with strength in 2022.

This is not the end of Wilf’s journey - it’s just the beginning. We are incredibly excited to share that the show that has set Twitter on fire this month will return, as one of the highlights of our August programme, to delight our Festival audiences.

We wish you all best wishes for the season and look forward to a brighter 2022, when we can bring you the life-affirming stories that touch your heart, bring us together, bring joy and give us much-needed hope for the future."